DALLAS – On Tuesday, Congressman Lance Gooden (R-Texas) joined “America Reports with Sandra Smith and John Roberts” to discuss the Biden Administration’s efforts to shut down another energy pipeline, as well as Rep. Gooden’s legislation to prevent public school vaccine mandates.

Rep. Gooden joins America Reports

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Interview excerpts:

Michigan Line 5 Pipeline

“If doing the same thing over and over again is insanity then closing down this pipeline after the effects of shutting down the Keystone Pipeline would tell me [President Biden] is insane. I just can’t imagine a scenario where anyone in the White House would say let’s shut down a pipeline and things will get better.”

Public School Vaccine Mandates

I’m very confident Texas public schools will not be enacting any vaccine mandates.  I believe that Governor Abbott and our state legislature will ensure that nothing like that happens here. Unfortunately, for kids in places like San Francisco and New York I don’t know that they’ll have those same guarantees, but I will fight tooth and nail any vaccine mandates in my state and I will also fight for the kids of San Francisco and New York as well.