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April 19, 2019


Congressman Lance Gooden (R-TX) Visits Areas Affected by Tornado and Severe Weather


WASHINGTON, D.C. – More severe weather followed the tornadoes in Alto, TX that touched down this past weekend. In response, Congressman Lance Gooden visited the area to assess the damage, speak with community leaders and offer his help to residents affected by the storms.


Local leaders explained that a major challenge in rebuilding was getting reliable access to electricity after high-force winds knocked down powerlines. Some residents in the area were without power for several days this week, a situation that was closely monitored by the Congressman’s office along with state and local authorities. Governor Abbott’s office has informed Congressman Gooden they are reviewing the circumstances on the ground and will inform him if federal assistance is needed.


State Senator Robert Nichols explained, “They have a certain number of disaster money that the legislature appropriates every two-year cycle and the Governor’s office is looking to see what they can do.” Congressman Gooden met with State Senator Nichols in Alto, where they received reports on the extent of the damage and set plans to ensure the community has all the resources it needs.


Congressman Gooden said, “Alexa and I have been heartbroken to see the damage these storms brought to the area. County Judge Chris Davis and Sheriff James Campbell have done an outstanding job of organizing the efforts to prepare residents for severe weather as well assessing and repairing any damage.


“In speaking to local leaders and residents, I’ve seen first-hand the strength and resilience of the people in this community. They face a whole bunch of challenges in rebuilding. I hope I can lend a helping hand to support their strong sense of resolve and that they know I am fully committed to helping them rebuild.”