MEDIA ALERT: Rep. Gooden Sounds Off on Democrat Priorities in Judiciary Hearing, Fox News Interview
WASHINGTON –  Today, Rep. Lance Gooden (R-TX) called out Democrat members of the House Judiciary Committee for their misplaced priorities, and their focus on attacking former President Trump instead of addressing the surging crime rates in cities like New York.

Judiciary Hearing:
During today's House Judiciary Hearing, Rep. Gooden highlighted increasing crime rates in New York City and other major urban areas and expressed his disappointment in Democrat colleagues, who called testimony from victims and grieving family members "foolishness," and "political theater." 

You can watch Rep. Gooden's full remarks here.
image of Rep. Gooden
Fox News Interview - America Reports:
Immediately following the Hearing, Rep. Gooden appeared on Fox News to call out the ludicrous obsession of left-wing politicians with President Trump, while consistently ignoring the well-being of their own constituents.

You can watch Rep. Gooden's full interview here.
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