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May 23, 2019


Congressman Lance Gooden (R-TX) Introduces the Protecting American Lives Act to Defund Sanctuary Cities


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Cities across America have left their citizens at risk by refusing to follow federal immigration laws. These “sanctuary cities” provide a safe haven for criminals to remain in the United States, unchecked by law-enforcement agencies.


Congressman Lance Gooden (R-TX) introduced the Protecting American Lives Act this week, which would prohibit federal funds from being sent to sanctuary cities. The bill would mandate minimum sentences for illegal immigrants caught re-entering the country and require local jurisdictions to share information on illegal immigrants in their databases.


Congressman Gooden said, “Sanctuary cities operate in blatant disregard toward the rule of law at the peril of law-abiding residents and citizens. With every violent crime committed by an undocumented immigrant, we are reminded of the importance of enforcing the law. If liberal local and state officials wish to have a nation without borders and laws, they will have to learn to live without federal funding for their harmful policies.”


Gooden continued, “Sanctuary cities encourage thousands of migrants to cross the border illegally. Places like San Francisco and Austin send the message that there’s no need to follow the official process and obtain legal status. As a border state, we feel the impact of illegal immigration first and worst. Cities that choose to violate federal immigration policy should consider the ramifications of their misguided policies.”