Yesterday evening, Representative Lance Gooden (R-TX) sent a letter to President Joe Biden, expressing his disgust with the current administration's border policies, which have failed to protect American citizens and migrant children.

The letter highlights the dramatic increase in illegal border crossings since President Biden took office, with over 6 million encounters reported. Rep. Gooden criticized the administration for not providing effective solutions or acknowledging the full extent of the crisis.

The letter also cites the recent tragedy in Cleveland, Texas, where Francisco Oropesa, a Mexican national with multiple illegal re-entries and a criminal record, shot five of his neighbors "execution style." Congressman Gooden argues that lax border enforcement contributed to this avoidable tragedy.

Congressman Gooden calls attention to the failure of the administration's immigration policies, noting that over a single weekend, Border Patrol apprehended over 22,000 migrants, seized over 1,000 pounds of illegal drugs, and three firearms, and arrested two sex offenders, one convicted murderer, and one gang member.

As the lifting of Title 42 approaches and more than 40,000 migrants wait to cross the border without fear of being turned away, Rep. Gooden urges the administration to take decisive action to secure the border and protect American communities from the consequences of careless open border policies. 

Read the full letter here.