DALLAS – Congressman Lance Gooden (R-TX) joined “Fox News Live” with Molly Line on Saturday to discuss the Biden Administration’s failure to address the crisis at our southern border.


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Interview excerpt:

“It’s disgusting. It is absolutely disgusting, the policies of this administration, the way they are flying illegal immigrants into the interior portions of our nation in the middle of the night, the way they are lying to the American people about what’s taking place. … There is another caravan on the way, and in a month, you’ll be telling me about a new one. Because as long as this government tells the world that our borders are open, and if you will get here, we will let you stay, and in fact, we’ll fly you to the destination of your choice wherever in the United States, why would people stop coming to America? It’s a real disaster and the American people are sick of it, and we’ve got to do something.”