Washington – Today, Congressman Lance Gooden demanded answers from NYC Mayor Eric Adams on his Immediate Response Card program. This program directly incentivizes illegal immigration by offering up to $350 per week to illegal immigrants in New York City in the form of debit cards, totaling $53 million in taxpayer funds, with a significant portion allegedly being federal tax dollars.

"By funneling millions to those who have blatantly disregarded our nation's laws, Mayor Adams' program not only undermines our immigration system but insults every American citizen, especially our veterans and those in need," Congressman Gooden stated. "These actions erode the sanctity of American citizenship and incentivize illegal immigration, further exacerbating the crisis at our borders."

Congressman Gooden highlighted the perverse incentives the IRC program creates. By putting millions of dollars into the pockets of illegal aliens, New York City lights a beacon that will only exacerbate the crisis at our southern border. Illegal migrants are not only safe from deportation but rewarded with taxpayer dollars for violating the law and entering America illegally.

"In a time when Americans face skyrocketing living costs and migrant crime is surging, it is unconscionable that a major American city would prioritize illegal immigrants over the safety and financial security of its own citizens," said Congressman Gooden.

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