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March 8, 2019


Congressman Gooden Votes Against H.R. 1 – The Democrat Protection Act


WASHINGTON, D.C. – Congressman Gooden voted this week to oppose H.R. 1, a measure fast-tracked by House Democrats to tilt future elections heavily in their favor. The bill, if enacted, would allow millions of illegal immigrants to vote in elections, censor free speech of pro-life groups and gun owners, and provide billions of taxpayer dollars for political attack ads.


Congressman Gooden said of the bill, “What Democrats aim to do with this bill is absolutely appalling. They stand on their pedestal and proclaim that it’s, ‘For the People’, but this bill was written by liberals to ensure they never lose another election. It contains numerous constitutional violations and legalizes nefarious election activity.”


“This is just another example of us wasting time in Congress. We spent multiple days this week debating a bill that is going nowhere. The Senate won’t pass it and the President would never sign it. We could’ve spent this time working to fix our crumbling infrastructure or national debt crisis – instead we’ve got another week of political theater in Washington.” The bill passed the House by a vote of 234-193.