WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Lance Gooden (R-TX) issued a stern rebuke against the 65 Project, a far-left activist group of lawyers actively engaging in partisan tactics to target and discredit legal professionals associated with President Trump and other Republicans.

In a letter addressed to the American Bar Association, State Bar Disciplinary Committees, and the Republican Attorneys General Association, Congressman Gooden expressed his deep concerns over the 65 Project’s attempts to politicize the legal profession and undermine the principles of free speech and fair representation.

"The 65 Project, under the guise of bipartisanship, has initiated a dangerous precedent of targeting lawyers based on their client's political affiliations," stated Congressman Gooden. "This is a direct threat to the diversity of legal representation and the fundamental tenets of our justice system."

Congressman Gooden highlighted the group's efforts to disbar and discredit hundreds of attorneys solely for their decision to represent President Trump in legal cases.

"This is not about upholding election integrity, as the 65 Project claims, but about silencing and punishing legal professionals for their associations," Gooden added. "Such actions are antithetical to the American ideal of fair representation, a principle that dates back to John Adams and the Boston Massacre."

Congressman Gooden is demanding the following actions from the ABA and state bar associations:
  • A strong denunciation of the 65 Project for its role as a partisan entity undermining the integrity and impartiality of the legal profession.
  • The implementation of stringent disciplinary measures against any Bar members or legal professionals who engage in or support unwarranted political targeting of their peers within the Bar.
  • A requirement for full transparency in Bar complaints, necessitating individuals to disclose their identities when submitting such complaints.
  • A clear standard clarifying the Bar does not entertain complaints from third-party political organizations or activists that seek to advance their agendas under the guise of legal processes.
Read the full letter here.