DALLAS – On Monday, U.S. Congressman Lance Gooden (R-Texas) joined Fox and Friends to discuss his recent trip to the U.S.-Mexico border and whistleblower documents his office obtained showing a coordinated operation to move migrants across the United States.

The documents obtained by Gooden’s office show a group of corporation-backed non-profits are organizing the mass relocation of migrants from the U.S.-Mexico border. These documents also prove these migrants are being permitted by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to board commercial airlines without proper vetting or identification.

Rep. Lance Gooden said, “Corporations and liberal non-profits are currently organizing a mass invasion of the United States, endangering our national security and the safety of our communities.” He continued, “Under no circumstances should an undocumented migrant be permitted to board a U.S. commercial airline bound for the destination of their choice without proper identification.”

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Interview excerpts:

“I managed to get in the gates, I demanded entry once and was refused. I talked a guard into letting me in on another occasion and when I was in there I saw busses pulling up, probably about 100 migrants over an hour got off of these busses”

"These packets detail how to go to the airport, how to get past TSA without any identification, how to enroll your children in schools and assimilate in whatever community you desire to go in."