WASHINGTON – On Friday, Congressman Lance Gooden (R-Texas) sent a letter to President Biden requesting his administration designate fentanyl a weapon of mass destruction.

Rep. Gooden said, “This year alone enough fentanyl has crossed our southern border to kill every single American seven times. The president must stop ignoring this crisis, secure our border, and call this drug what it is – a weapon of mass destruction. Our national security and hundreds of thousands of American lives are at stake.”

Last year alone, Texas law enforcement seized enough fentanyl to kill 200 million people. Customs and Border Protection alone seized enough fentanyl to kill 2.4 billion people – over 7 times the United States population. 

Congressman Gooden joined America’s Newsroom this morning to discuss his letter to President Biden and the danger it poses to Americans.

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Interview excerpt: 

“I have asked Joe Biden just today to declare fentanyl a weapon of mass destruction because I believe it is slowly destroying our nation. If he will do that it will allow law enforcement to go after the cartels. We can make some meaningful impacts, but it just requires action from this president.”