Washington – Today, Congressman Lance Gooden (R-Texas) demanded answers from the Department of Justice (DOJ) and New York Attorney General Alvin Bragg following the highly suspect hiring of Matthew Colangelo by the New York Attorney General's Office. This demand for transparency comes amid disturbing revelations about the politically motivated prosecution of former President Donald Trump.

Matthew Colangelo, who abruptly stepped down from a top position at the Biden Justice Department, has taken a role in the New York lawsuit crafted to target President Trump. To ensure transparency and accountability are upheld in this case, Congressman Gooden is demanding the preservation of all information relating to Colangelo's hiring, including all documents, communications, and other information, including electronic information and metadata, that is or may be potentially responsive to a congressional inquiry, request, or investigation.

Specifically, this information must include any communication between DA Bragg and Mr. Colangelo and/or other DOJ officials while Mr. Colangelo was still employed with DOJ. Additionally, this information must include any communication between Mr. Colangelo and any Biden Administration officials regarding his employment with the Manhattan District Attorney General’s Office while Mr. Colangelo was still employed with DOJ.

Additionally, Congressman Gooden is requesting a response to the following questions no later than May 24, 2024:

  • Was Mr. Colangelo asked to leave by the DOJ, or did he accept a position in a lower office voluntarily?

  • If Mr. Colangelo was instructed to leave, what was he promised in return for accepting such a substantial demotion from his position at DOJ to joining a Manhattan DA prosecution team?

  • Is Mr. Colangelo still in contact with DOJ officials since joining the Manhattan DA prosecution team?

  • Has Mr. Colangelo, in his capacity at the Manhattan DA’s office, coordinated with DOJ and other state attorneys in Trump-related indictments?

"This isn’t just a questionable hiring, this is a Democrat blueprint for attempting to sabotage a political opponent," stated Congressman Gooden. "Bringing in a known political hitman like Colangelo, with a dossier filled with attacks against conservative figures, reeks of desperation and unlawful manipulation. Americans need to wake up to this sham masquerading as legal proceedings."

Colangelo’s past as a hardcore Democrat operative and his aggressive litigation against conservative interests under the Obama administration underscore a disturbing pattern of bias and partisanship that cannot be ignored. "This hiring is a declaration of war against the American judicial system," added Congressman Gooden. "We are witnessing an unprecedented level of corruption and political persecution facilitated by the Democrats’ deep state actors. I am calling for immediate action to pull back the curtain on this disgraceful charade."

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